Sandy Levin: Move Left


555 Horace Brown Drive
Madison Heights



Time of event is 9:45PM - 12.00PM We are asking all progressives, partisan or otherwise, to join us at the 9th District Democratic Party meeting on 06/17 at the Plumber's Local 98 in Madison Heights. We will be focusing on Sander Levin's silence on defense spending and his lack of support for Medicare for All via HR 676.

We are planning this event in coordination with a DAPJN rally concerning Levin's silence on military spending increases:

Levin's historical support for our outrageously bloated defense budget is not uncommon among establishment democrats. Allowing republicans control over the framing of the issue of military spending has been wildly detrimental to the Democratic Party. If democrats are silent about major issues it enables ultraconservatives to control the discussion; you can't appeal to moderates with silence, and you sure as hell can't appeal to leftists by effectively promoting the expansion of the military industrial complex. CD9 is a safe district for democrats, so why on earth doesn't Sandy take a reasonable stance on Military spending?

Levin's refusal to support HR676 is similarly harmful. Without a vision for the future the democratic party is impotent. Medicare for All is a moral and fiscal imperative, and happens to be one of the most popular policy proposals in the country. How on earth can leftists expect to fight the AHCA without a plan of their own? The ACA is undoubtedly an improvement on our wretched past, but the status quo is unpopular, and it is killing our people in the name of corporate insurance profiteers. Single Payer is inevitable, so why should a Democrat in a safe district be silent on this critical issue? Causes Free Admission