Did your taxes go up? - Royal Oak


200 West 2nd Street
Royal Oak


On Monday, April 14th - the day before tax day – Labor along with our allies and members of the State House and Senate will be crossing the state to shine a spotlight on the Republican’s massive tax shift onto middle class families and seniors, all to pay for a $1.8 billion tax break for corporations and CEOs. There is no evidence that this tax cut for corporations created a single job, but there is plenty of evidence that the cuts to education and new taxes on seniors and the middle class are hurting Michigan families

These events will highlight citizens with real stories to tell about how tax hikes enacted by Governor Snyder and Legislative Republicans are hurting our families. They will include seniors hit by the retirement tax, middle class families hit by any variety of tax increases, including the cutting of the per-child tax credit and families hit by deep education cuts.

Please attend these events if you can. We understand it is a workday... keep reminding people of what has happened under this administration and legislature!

Please arrive at 9:40am Press Event begins at 10am