Feet To Fire Campaign #9


1441 Saint Antoine Street



Calling All Activist, All Fed Up Families, All the People. It's TIME for the Feet To Fire Champaign ! ENOUGH of being Failed by your local Prosecutors! ACCOUNTABILITY, and RESPONSIBILITY, are not just required of your Police Force but Also the Group that PROTECTS Them Instead of PROTECTING US. It STOPS NOW A Multi-state One Day Protest will take place in your city, in front of your Hall of Justice. At 9am Detroit, MI time (so check your time zone to coordinate with that time). By you and like minded people. Enough is Enough!

For 2 hours at the Same Time in Multiple-States, Multiple - Cities we will Stand TOGETHER AGAINST THOSE WHO FAIL US, Allowing Murdering Police Officers to not be ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMES!

Together we Say Do your Job or LEAVE Office NOW !

For more details please email us at ProtectOurStolenTreasures@yahoo.com We P.O.S.T. Protect Our Stolen Treasures and I am not only it's President but also a member of those failed by my local Prosecutor in the Murder of my daughter Adaisha Miller by a Detroit Police Officer. I am Yolanda McNair