Dream Activation


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After Shayna`s 10 month journey through South America visiting ecovillages, indigenous communities and building her non-profit Project Nuevo Mundo she will be popping into the Detroit area to offer a series of workshops.

Dream Activation is a one-day experience to unlock the power within us to dream our dreams to the fullest, with no boundaries and bring them into reality. This one-day workshop is for aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to find their deeper meaning and purpose, becoming a leader and contributing the world in a positive way.

World Cafe (Knowledge Cafe): 9:00-12:00

The World Cafe is a group activity that fosters philosophical thinking, critical thinking and harvesting the collective wisdom of community centered around how we feel we can solve some of the biggest world issues. The World Cafe engages people in conversations around questions that matter in their organizations or communities. This is a simple yet powerful methodology for accessing the collective intelligence of any group. Participants share their ideas and hear the ideas of others through rounds of purposeful conversations that create shared meaning thus building community and collaboration.

Break/Lunch/Movement Session 12:00-1:00

Visioning: 1:00-2:00pm

This is exercise has 2 parts. Part one is a guided meditation that will bring about a flow-of-consciousness of inspiration, ideas and visions about your dream and vision. It is a natural process of which boundaries and limitations are non-existent. Part two, brings your flow-of-consciousness into a structure. It is a grounding activity that puts your ethereal visions into a comprehensible idea that can be taken to the next level.

Grounding Your Vision 2:00-3:00pm (maybe 3:30)

This workshop explores the how the use of community support and collaboration can activate your individual vision. You will learn about how to use social networking as an effective tool to build community, create engagement around your vision/project/idea and bring in the right people to join your team, or open the right doors. We will also open the floor to discussion and questions regarding particular visions and ideas.Regardless if you have a vision or idea NOW, this workshop will be helpful for anyone who wants to open doors to new communities and new opportunities.

Conscious Networking: 4pm-6pm

This portion of dream-activation will be open to the public. This is a huge opportunity for synchronistic conversations, an opportunity to connect with your community and learn about new ideas, projects and share. Through this networking, we will form an ongoing group online for the dream activation to continue and the support of community to grow.

About Shayna Gladstone:

Shayna is a social entrepreneur, writer, organizer and social media consultant. After years of working in sustainability advocacy for Greenpeace and Sierra Club she received her degree in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management. In Chicago, Shayna was an event organizer and fundraiser for non-profits and began many social projects for 6 years.

Following city life in Chicago, in 2012, Shayna began working with ecovillages in the United States assisting them with fundraising consultation, event production, social media management and volunteer recruitment and management. While living the ecovillage life, she became a new economy advocate and held positions with the New Economics Coalition and Shareable Magazine.

Throughout her professional career Shayna has always been a connector and a voice in media for those interested in living alternatively and featured in publications such as UTNE, Shareable Magazine and The Center for a New American Dream.

Currently Shayna is documenting and contributing to sustainability projects throughout Central and South America with her side-project, Worlds Colliding while making her way to the Amazon of Peru to implement a plan for building a sustainability education center for the ARCC - Amazon Research and Conservation Center.

: Early Bird- $50 Until July 1st : Regular Price - $65 : Contact Shayna to purchase a ticket : Shayna.Gladstone@Gmail.com : or on Facebook