Transit Organizing 101




This June, the Motor City Freedom Riders are again hosting "Transit Organizing 101," now a single day-long training on how we can organize effectively to win better transit service.

In this training, we will learn how to build an effective transit justice movement that can win better transit across metro Detroit. We'll begin by examining the history of public transit in our region, to try to answer the following questions: Why is transit in metro Detroit so fragmented and inadequately funded? What is the relationship between racism, classism, and anti-transit politics in Detroit? What are the forces that have held us back for so long? Who is it who actually governs our transit systems? This is the political terrain we need to navigate to be able to change the system. Next, we'll run a workshop on how to run strategic campaigns to take on the region's political establishment and clear the path for expanded public transit. We'll walk through critical concepts like power-mapping, the spectrum of allies, and strategic escalation as we learn how to build campaigns that can win. Lastly, we'll learn how to hold one-on-one conversations with other bus riders, to build power with one another through relationships.

All who complete this training are welcome to join the ranks of our Rider Advocates, who do outreach and organizing with other riders along their route and run our various transit justice campaigns. We compensate our Rider Advocates with free bus passes.

Classes are free and open to the public. All are welcome, and lunch will be served. Bus riders in particular are encouraged to attend. If you plan to come, please register at the ticket link, as space is limited.