The Spark presents "GM Workers on Strike -- A Very Big Step"



111 E. Kirby

Important Venue Notes

111 E. Kirby at John R. By the Detroit Institute of Arts, near Wayne State University in Detroit. Parking: Free lot next door on Kirby. Donation: $5.00, $2.00 under 18.



Without making the kind of fights that might have stopped it, American workers have seen the standard of living of their whole class pushed down. And auto workers seemed to lead the retreat. Jobs were lost. Full-time jobs were replaced by part-time and temporary, or pushed to sub-contractors. Wages were cut. Different "tiers" of wages were introduced, preventing newer workers from ever reaching the level older workers once had. The conditions of work -- with longer hours and greater intensity of work -- translated into an actual decrease in life expectancy. It almost seemed as though auto workers, the heart of the working class, had forgotten how to fight. Well GM workers showed there are some who remembered, and many more of them discovered what you can do when you decide to fight. Workers from Ford and FCA and from many other workplaces, who were pulled to GM picket lines, discovered what solidarity is. So now, who will be the next? Who will take the road GM workers laid?