The Spark presents **"Needed: Political Organization Created by the Working Class"**



111 E. Kirby

Important Venue Notes

111 E. Kirby at John R, by the Detroit Institute of Arts, near Wayne State University in Detroit. Free parking in the lot next door on Kirby. Donation $5.00, $2.00 under 18. **Doors open 4:30 p.m. for coffee, tea, cold drinks. Meeting starts promptly at 5:00 p.m.**



  • For us to move ahead, the working class needs to put itself forward as a distinct class, offering its own answers to the problems the majority of people face, problems created by capitalist society.
  • To do that, workers need to build their own political organization, a party of the whole working class. They need to aim at running the whole society.
  • For years, the unions have been the only organizations of the working class. But they are limited, they represent only a small part of the working people. They reflect the concerns mainly of ones they represent: factory workers, office workers, government workers, teachers, construction trades, etc.
  • There were periods of wide struggle when workers began to go beyond unions. They began to organize politically: 1877, 1894-96, the 1930s, the 1960s.
  • But each time, they fell back. Why? What happened? What was missing?
  • What can be done today to prepare for the next wave of struggle, so all the possibilities will be realized?