Free the Water: Pack the Court for Antonio & Lucka


1441 Saint Antoine Street



Schedule: 9:30 - Go to courtroom and/or hold banners outside it

Court rooms are public spaces. Your support is welcome!

Remember, no cell phones, computers, or electronic devices are allowed inside the courthouse. Also, you can't wear shorts or sandals into the court room.

Antonio Rafael and William Lucka were originally facing felony malicious destruction of property and trespassing for allegedly painting "Free the Water" on the Highland Park Water Treatment Tower. The Detroit Anti-Graffiti Task Force took on the case, and it is trying to pin at least a dozen more charges onto the artists. This is political repression and part of Duggan's war on public space.

Lucka and Rafael have been in and out of court since March 22. Two lower courts passed the case forward, then offered intolerable settlements, asking them to take the felony charge or spend time in jail. They decided to actually take the case to trial. We think this is the final prosecutor and judge who will see in our case. Lucka in particular has been having a really tough time coping with the possiblity of jail time.

If you want to support them, here are a few ways to do so.

ATTEND the press conference and court on Wednesday

DONATE to the fund-raising page or SHARE it on social media. Court costs, lawyer fees, and restitution will be expensive!

WHAT ELSE can you do??

JOIN their support committee! Sign up sheets will be available at the press conference so you can help organize support events, reach out to the public and the press, and assist in fund-raising. These are all urgent needs.

Antonio and Lucka don't just want donations; they are willing to trade and exchange for support! They have many skills from garden design, muralism and workshops. They are hoping to organize events, parties or other types of fundraisers to help earn the money needed to avoid jail time! Any ideas/exchanges can be directed to Antonio at 313-207-2076.

Please OPEN UP YOUR NETWORKS! Anyone you know who might be able to help, or write, or donate, or share, or collaborate, let us know!

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