Atomic Mom


4126 Third Street


Peace Action presents in Remembrance of Hiroshima Day: "Atomic Mom"

SATURDAY, August 6, 4:00 pm at Cinema Detroit, 4126 Third Street between Willis and Alexandrine - free, secure, off-street parking

This story is about two mothers - one is the only female American Radiation Scientist at the time, the other a Hiroshima survivor. Can they find peace decades after the bombing? What about us?

Discussion led by Prasad Venugopal with a reflection by Motoko Huthwaite.

*Meet in parking lot at 3:00 to walk thru midtown with signs and invite people to join us.

Don't be surprised if "Atomic Mom" and Donald Trump's ignorance about the nuclear triad and his suggestion that more nations should have nuclear bombs motivates you to work even harder for a nuclear free world.

-Rich, Rev. Rich Peacock, Peace Action of Michigan