Tax March on Hamtramck


Important Venue Notes

See the Facebook event for other location details.



Trump promised to release his taxes when he got elected. He hasn't kept his promise. What is he hiding?

According to his administration he doesn't need to show them. Let's come together in Hamtramck to show him how much we care to see them. This is a nationwide protest on April 15 that Hamtramck is gonna participate in. Details will be announced soon.....

We will have chalk available to do more side walk chalk peaceful protests before and after ! Still have a ton of chalk from the last one !

Make signs, bring candles for a vigil after and bring your voice. We will make time for people to talk, media will be present and hopefully some warm weather

Hosts : MDPAN - Metro-Detroit Political Action Network

Guest ๐Ÿ”Š speakers: Hamtramck City Council Members, Michigan People's Campaign, Rama Alhoussaini, Maria Kabbani from Orphans of War, Dr. Ahmed Ghanim

Candle light Vigil starts at 6pm local guest singers: Willa Rae more tba......

Post Tax March Concert starting at 8pm Location at Lo and Behold Record and Books

Featuring: The Belle Isles, Duane the Jet Black Eel

Check the following web site for any updates as the event gets closer:

NOTE: The time of this march has changed twice. Check the Facebook event for the most current details.