Erasing Blurred Lines aka Robin Thicke is a Sexist Pig


2211 Woodward Ave



EVERYBODY GET UP Exercise your right to freedom of speech and protest this sick artist-wannabe and the fact that his song contributes to a violent and sexist culture.

So we all know mainstream top 40 music is bullshit. We all can recognize that it is extremely oppressive to all genders and races, which is why most of us choose to refrain from listening to it. HOWEVER, there are those who are ignorant to the serious issues posed by a society that perpetuates and contributes to a culture that encourages sexism and other issues that have plagued our world since the beginning of time.

"It's just a song" "But I like the beat" "Yeah I know it's sexist but I'm just one the girls in the video are sexy."

WAKE THE FUCK UP. If I was masochistic dude that came to a party you were at, started petting your hair (or your girlfriend/friend/sister/mother's) hair, whispering in her ear about how I'm going to liberate her by fucking her because I knows she wants it (when she has made no action implying that)'d probably...what rhymes with hug me? SLUG ME. in the gut. til internal bleeding. (Wish someone had taken the time to do that to Robin Thicke.)

"You're an animal." Oh, right! I'm a woman therefore I don't have the capacity for consciousness or making my own decision in regards to sexual intimacy...please treat me like a pet and tell me I'm a good girl. Can I have a bone now? Oh saying bone I must be saying I want you to bone me, because we all know that we women aren't able to articulate our true intentions.

Now I'm rambling. Let's get to the point.

Robin Thicke is playing a show at the Fox Theatre March 12, 2014.

Detroit has many issues that contribute to it's current state. Yes, we're bankrupt, yes we have abandoned buildings and bad areas, etc etc (we've all seen the ruin porn and documentaries blahblahblah). One may ask how Robin Thicke, who doesn't live here or have anything to do with Detroit can effect what happens to our crazy (but beautiful) city. Detroit has an earned a stigma as being dangerous for women especially, but also everyone. It is imperative that we recognize that continuing to buy, play, and listen to music that encourages sexism will only result in negative effects. In order to build a stronger, safer community, it must be considered unacceptable to try to tell anyone how they feel. "I know you want it"? Oppression of one gender is oppression of both genders. Men, by allowing the media to spoonfeed you bullshit about how to "handle" women, you are enabling a violent culture. Women, by standing by and dancing to this song yelling "It's my jam!!" you're simply enforcing the stereotype of women being unequal to men.

If you think gender equality should be something put on the back burner in favor of addressing war and the economy WAKE UP! Sexism affects all experiences available to us in this beautiful life. If you don't believe me, go read a history book (or don't because god knows the government puts whatever they feel is best in there, thanks USA! We're really free here...right.)

Alright, not only did Robin Thicke rip off a Motown original for his shitty song, but he also degraded women, which should be offensive to both genders. There is no blurred line between rape and consent. Ever. You better check your Self before your wreck your Self.

Let's erase these "Blurred Lines." Make some signs, get weird, come naked, we don't care (no slut shaming here!). Make it known that we are sick and tired of hearing bullshit on the radio, we're sick and tired of sexual oppression, and gender manipulation.

6 pm. you don't need anyone to liberate you.


and remember: ubuntu.