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Student Alliance for the Benefit of El Salvador



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Tuesday, September 10, 2013 from 7-9pm
Since 2008, EMU students, faculty and staff have supported the work of the SHARE Foundation, an international nongovernmental organization that seeks to advance human rights and community development in the Central American nation of El Salvador. SHARE promotes grassroots solutions, strengthening the capacity of Salvadoran communities through a model of mutual accompaniment or international solidarity. Speakers Sarah Hall of SHARE and Zulma Hernandez, a community organizer with CRIPDES, a Salvadoran grassroots organization , will explore the current social and political reality of El Salvador and explain how community-based projects are providing opportunities for youth and women, improving health care, and establishing the foundation for long-term sustainable development. EMU students who recently participated in SHARE delegations in El Salvador will also share their experiences. Find out how you can participate in the global grassroots struggle for social justice by participating in a SHARE election observation delegation, joining a study abroad course in El Salvador, or joining the student organization SABES (Student Alliance for the Benefit of El Salvador). Refreshments will be provided and learning beyond the classroom credit will be given to all students attending.