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Saturday, October 5, 2019 from 9am-5pm
The Meta Peace Team is offering a day of Step One Nonviolent Skills Training to Citizens for Peace members and friends. The day includes a continental breakfast, and vegetarian lunch. Attendees will receive the MPT Nonviolence Training Manual; the booklet Steps Toward Inner Peace; and Supplementary materials for skills building. The cost is free; but donations are welcome. You must pre-register: Call 734-425-0079 or cmills0079@yahoo.com; or online at https://forms.gle/gAsEBqXEiypA5HD6
Sunday, November 15, 2015 from 3:30-5:30pm
Dear Friends, I am sending on an impassioned plea for help in passing on the word about Kathy Kelly's talk, The Cost of War, the Price of Peace, at St. Peter's next Sunday, November 15, from 3:30-5;30 PM. We have not had a lot of lead time to organize this event and need help in getting out the word. There is no charge for Kathy's talk although we will pass the hat in support of her work with Voices for Creative Nonviolence. We will also serve simple food to those in attendance. If you have never heard this three time Nobel Peace Prize nominee speak, you are in for a real treat. Kathy has recently returned from yet another trip to Afghanistan where she works with the Afghan Peace Volunteers and from a three-month stint in federal prison for trying to deliver a loaf of bread to a commander on a drone base, When we work against water shutoffs, foreclosures, education cuts, and the shameful lack of any semblance of a social safety net, we must always remember the elephant in the living room - a bloated military budget that is draining this nation dry. Not to mention, of course, the loss of precious human life, the lives taken by war in so many ways, whether directly or indirectly. Please help us get out the word. Feel free to call me at 313-520-7465 if you have questions. A flyer is attached My hope is that we can fill the church next Sunday. Much Peace, Kim Michigan-Meta Peace Team
Sunday, November 3, 2013 from 4-7:30pm
Byblos Banquets
Meta Peace Team (formerly the the Michigan Peace Team) invites you to its 2013 20th anniversary celebration. Awards: Rachel Corrie Peacemaker Award, Sigrid Dale and Edward Said Scholar Activist Award, Professor Juan Cole. Price: $50; $35 - student. Celebration includes a Middle Eastern dinner. Make checks payable to META Peace Team. Mail to: Mary Ann Ford, Registration Chairperson, 24071 Oneida, Oak Park, MI or pay by credit card at mptsigevent.blogspot.com For more information, call Maureen Aman, 586-739-1016 or Rita Carey, 313-319-4335.