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Restoring the Neighbor Back to the 'Hood



Restoring the Neighbor Back to the ‘Hood addresses the problem of systemic racism and generational poverty and its effects on families and children in Detroit and specifically in one of Detroit’s poorest neighborhoods, Z8ne (48208).

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Saturday, January 30, 2016 from 6-9pm
January 30, 2016 we will celebrate with Yusef Bunchy Shakur's 15 years of Transformation, Redemption and Hope. Yusef’s work as a community organizer, consultant, author and educator fights against all the odds of those bound in the system of oppression in the US prison industry. Yusef fights every day to bring transformation, redemption and hope to his neighborhood of Z8NE and to eradicate mass incarceration by “Restoring the Neighbor Back to the Hood”. You are invited to support his boots on the ground work by celebrating 15 Years of Yusef being a protector of his community and visioning the next 15 Years of Transformation and Hope. Bankole Thompson host of WDET’s “Redline with Bankole Thompson” will host the event sharing his journey of coming to know Yusef as an activist. Tonya Allen of Skillman Foundation will Keynote the evening. As a friend and colleague Allen was key in providing Yusef access to organizing tools and practices through his work with the Detroit Parent Network. Peter Hammer of the Damon Keith Center will conclude the evening with a special presentation. Tickets $20/ Call 313-459-6008