Coleman A.Young Building ( AKA, Detroit City County Building)



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Tuesday, October 31, 2017 from 10-11:30am
On Monday the Health and Safety Committee will meet their last time before the VOTE ON PETCOKE ON HALLOWEEN! There's nothing more spooky than tarsands waste on the Great Lakes-- and to limit its toxic dust, the City Council will vote on the Bulk Solids Materials Storage Ordinance: TUESDAY OCTOBER 31, 10AM COLEMAN A YOUNG BUILDING ON THE 13TH FLOOR BE THERE TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR A STRONG STORAGE AND MONITORING OF BULK SOLID MATERIALS! We've learned that lobbyists are pushing hard. They are trying to push the costs of monitoring back onto Detroiters. They also are trying to separate out METcoke, which is actually more toxic and dangerous than PETcoke. We need to show up and give them 2 minutes of our mind. Not all of the Councilmembers are in support of the ordinance, likely from pressure from industry lobbyists. We are not even asking that they BAN bulk materials, just make sure it is safely contained and monitored for the River and for our lungs. There are several schools, parks, homes, and senior care facilities within the breeze of these piles. And we should say NO to its continued unregulated presence in the community. This is the last push! We can get this stuff under control, with your help! Can't make it? Call Detroit City Council and let them know, as a Great Lakes community, we want strong containment and monitoring of all bulk solid materials by the City of Detroit.