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Wednesday, September 14, 2016 from 11:30am-12:30pm
The Sept. 14 forum updates Michigan’s experiences with emergency managers. During the past three decades, several school districts and communities faced crippling deficits. In response, Michigan named emergency managers who were charged with returning schools and cities to solvency. New legislation to refine those approaches is now under debate. Video call
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 from 9am-2pm
Tell House Criminal Justice Committee: Support Bills (HB 4947-4966) Can You Be in Lansing on the morning of Tuesday, Dec. 1? If not, please call these key Representatives! Dear Supporter, The Michigan House Criminal Justice Committee is scheduled to meet next Tuesday morning to discuss a groundbreaking package of bills—HB 4947-4966—aimed at reducing the number of youth incarcerated in adult jails and prisons. Under current Michigan law, all 17-year-old offenders must be automatically prosecuted as adults—regardless of the charge. As a result, more than half of these teenagers – most of whom are charged with non-violent offenses – are forced to serve time in jails or prisons where they face extreme risk of physical and sexual violence, solitary confinement, and suicide. As a nation, we’ve determined that children younger than 18 are not mature enough to vote, enlist in the military, serve on a jury, sign a binding contract, or purchase alcohol. We should also be able to acknowledge that youth have no business being locked up in dangerous prisons either. This is why we’re urging you to reach out to members of the House Criminal Justice Committee and tell them to vote in support of HB 4947-4966, which would raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to 18, prohibit placement of any youth in adult jails or prisons, improve funding for community-based programs, and more. Click here for an overview of all bills in this package. As other states that have amended their laws have discovered, raising the age to 18 increases public safety, reduces correctional costs and improves outcomes for youth. So stand with us by letting your representatives know that underage teens have no business serving prison or jail time with adults. Let them know that it’s time for Michigan to raise the age. CALL REPRESENTATIVES TODAY: Kurt Heise (R - Plymouth) Committee Chair, 1-571-373-3816, Michael Webber (R - Rochester), 1-517-373-1773, Martin Howrylak (R - Troy), 1-517-373-1783, Chris Afendoulis (R - Grand Rapids), 1-517-373-0218, Peter Lucido (R - Shelby T.), 1-517-373-0843, Vanessa Guerra (D - Bridgeport) Minority Leader, 1-517-373-0152, Marcia Hovey-Wright (D-Muskegon), 1-517-373-2646, Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit), 1-517-373-0823, Please click here to help us track support for these bills. Other Ways To Support These Reforms: Will Your Organization Adopt a Raise the Age Position Statement? The Raise the Age MI Campaign has developed a draft position statement that individuals and organizations can use or adapt to show support for the legislation to keep youth out of the adult criminal justice system. Organizations are encouraged to include their official letterhead and/or logos. We hope you will broadly disseminate your Position Statement to your networks and use it as written testimony during legislative hearings. Download the Draft Raise Age Position Statement : New Communications Toolkit Provides Strategies to Spread the Word About #RaiseTheAgeMI The newly released Raise the Age MI Communications Toolkit provides talking points, answers to difficult questions, sample Tweets and much more! Download the Raise the Age MI Toolkit: