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Tuesday, March 8, 2016 from 7am-8pm
Just a reminder to all Bernie Sanders supporters that TOMORROW is the Michigan Democratic Primary! Hope you can make it out to vote, and bring your friends/family/anyone you can drag along — Bernie only wins if there's huge voter turnout! Info here if you need it: vote.berniesanders.com/MI. Michigan has semi-open primaries — any Michigander registered in any party (or unaffiliated) can vote for Bernie Sanders if they were registered to vote by Monday, February 8th in Michigan. You must request a Democratic primary ballot in writing at the polling place or in your absentee ballot application. If you support Bernie and can make some time today, please help get out the vote by reminding Bernie-supporting friends and family in Michigan to vote tomorrow, or talking to undecided people about why you think it's worth supporting Bernie in the primary. Since the primary election results are proportional, every single vote counts. The bigger the turnout on Tuesday of people who want Bernie to be president, the more of Michigan's valuable delegates he'll sweep up for the presidential nomination — and winning Michigan would be a huge upset victory for his campaign that would boost our strength in upcoming states. You can use Facebook to help your Bernie-supporting friends (or friends of friends) get out their votes in Michigan or upcoming primary states by using http://www.berniefriendfinder.com. #feelthebern P.S. Sorry if you're being swamped by campaign messages! We're just trying to make sure that every Bernie supporter's vote is counted when it matters most in this election. It'll stop after Tuesday's primary — thanks for voting! :) http://www.facebook.com/events/1137967026237936/