Flagstar Bank, 28653 Woodward Ave. in Berkley


28653 Woodward Ave.


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Saturday, May 21, 2016 from noon-1pm
Tell Flagstar Bank & Fannie Mae Stop Trying to Evict Detroiters of Good Faith Like Barbara Campbell! Organized by Detroit Eviction Defense, this is one of three rallies being held around metro Detroit the same weekend in support of Barbara Campbell. Let's show up in sufficient numbers to get the bank's attention. Parking on Wiltshire St., the side street south of the bank. Park beyond the "No Parking This Side of Sign" sign which is partly obscured by a tree. Signs provided or bring your own. BACKGROUND As Barbara Campbell fights to survive heart surgery, kidney failure, and cancer, Flagstar Bank is trying to evict her from her Detroit home. Ms. Campbell applied in 2013 for a hardship modification to her mortgage, and the company servicing the mortgage told her she could stop paying while the modification was under review. Then the servicer suddenly foreclosed, citing her “failure” to make payments. Now Flagstar wants a court order to evict Ms. Campbell. She's fighting that injustice and we urge you to join us in rallying to her defense. For more information: www.detroitevictiondefense.org/index.php#campbell