Iron St.


17410 E Warren
Detroit, MI


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Past Events

Sunday, August 28, 2016 from noon-9pm
Iron St.
HUG Detroit is humbly requesting the presence​ at our fourth annual HUG Detroit Day, Block Party. ​Our wish is to have this annual event, which occurs on the fourth Saturday of August officially established and recognized by the city of Detroit. HUG Detroit started in August of 2013. It is the birth (brain) child of Sky Covington who shared her desire and passion to take one day out of the year to HUG Detroit and it's people ... to acknowledge the great accomplishments of this great city and the people there-in ... to thank those who stayed here through the storm and those who came to help us rise above and excel as we create a New Detroit and new ways of being and doing things together. We envision that HUG Detroit will spread city wide and that all block clubs will hold a Hug Detroit day for the residents in their neighborhood. People will have an opportunity to get out and meet their neighbors and express love, for the city and more importantly for the citizens that live in and or support Detroit. Our desires and goals are to continue to bring love to Detroit, by way of music, poetry, art, conversation and so much more. This block party presented by Detroit, for Detroit will be held August 28, 2016 from 12:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Meldrum Street (near Jefferson and Mt. Elliott) Attendees can look forward to a day of free entertainment provided by award winning Detroit musicians, poets, artists and hopefully politicians. The kids and children at heart will also be entertained, with activities such as; face painting and games. Sky says “Let’s get back to the days of hugs and handshakes”. Please Pass Information on if you are interested in spreading the word.