Green Acres Park


620 West Woodward Heights Boulevard
Hazel Park


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Saturday, July 23, 2016 from noon-7pm
Green Acres Park
Greetings all, As many of you know, Pagan Pride Day has been a go to event in our community for many years. It is a way to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the Pagan Community and present that to the community at large it is our honor to be able to combine our Midsummer event with Pagan Pride Day. So join Pagan Pathways Temple as we celebrate Music, Magick and Pagan Pride! Please be sure to bring some non perishable food items (per the Pagan Pride Day norm) so that they can be donated to a local charity to help those in our community. We are still putting thing together so for those who are seeking events to Vend their wares, we have room. Vending space will be 10 x 10 space for $50 per the normal rate for the event. We are also putting together our class schedule so teachers and presenters get in touch with Mystic Geralyn to get one of our open spots (they're gonna go fast) We will have food and drinks to offer along with music, classes, a raffle and a mid day ritual. Help us celebrate life and each other. cya there!