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Saturday, October 1, 2016 from 10am-7pm
This Saturday, the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation will begin knocking doors to encourage people to vote for pro-education, pro-labor candidates in November. We will campaign for Donna Lasinski for the 52 nd district of the Michigan State House, and also for the re-election of UM Regents Laurence Deitch and Denise Ilitch. We need pro-labor representatives in the State House so that they can prevent further anti-labor legislation and start putting forth pro-labor laws! And having Regents who support us will give GEO and LEO a lot more power at the bargaining table! Each of these campaigns is winnable, but we have to knock as many doors and talk to as many voters as we can! Statewide, AFT has a goal of knocking on 350,000 doors—which comes out to about 1 (~3-hour) shift for every 50 union members. For GEO that’s about 26-28 shifts, which is very doable! In fact, we could do it in one day (and again every week after that)! Any number of shifts you can take will be appreciated, and the more shifts you can take, the better we’ll do! Other unions, including UM-LEO and EMUFT, will be knocking doors with us, so we need to do our part as well. If you have any questions about the canvassing, please feel free to contact Rebecca Thomas ( or Jesse Holloway ( If you plan on coming out to knock doors, please RSVP to this event! If you can’t make it on Saturdays, come to knock doors on our dedicated UM walk nights on Thursdays, 4-7pm.