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Saturday, November 26, 2016 at 9am through Monday, November 28, 2016 at noon
9am through Monday, November 28 at noon
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This was shared with me and I in turn created an event to share with my friends that has now gone viral apparently. I have since found out who came up with this idea and now we are directing people to the official site. **IMPORTANT: Please do not send your postcard until NOV 26th** The original directions are below. Instructions to participate: 1. Get a postcard from your state - any picture that represents your state. 2. In the message section, write this simple message: NOT BANNON! 3. Sign your name if you wish 4. Address it as follows: Donald Trump c/o The Trump Organization 725 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10022 5. Affix a stamp - you can use a 35 cent postcard stamp, or a normal letter stamp. 6. Take a picture of your postcard that you can share on social media on Nov. 26-28th 7. Drop it in the mail between Saturday, Nov 26th and Monday, Nov. 28th to create a concentrated avalanche of postcards. 8. On Nov. 26-28th, Tweet and share the heck out of your photo using the hashtags #postcardavalanche #stopbannon For further info and answers to common questions, please the the FAQ posted at the top of the discussion. Thanks!