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Thursday, March 19, 2015 from 10am-1pm
Join us in demanding that the Wayne County Commissioners back the call for a Declaration of a State of Emergency in Wayne County because of the tax foreclosure hurricane that is devastating Wayne County neighborhoods. • 62,000 homes are scheduled for tax foreclosure on March 31, 2015. 37,000 are occupied homes. • This is a State of Emergency! Under Michigan law, the Mayor, County Executive and Treasurer, and especially the Governor, have the authority to stop all foreclosures and water shut-offs to stop this disaster from taking place. • In the meantime, Lansing is sitting on $280 of unspent Million of Hardest Hit Homeowners funds, enough to pay all the delinquent property tax bills of occupied homes, stop the foreclosures, and provide funds to restore county and city services. • Instead these funds are being given to Dan Gilbert to tear down homes, while the banks are completely left off the hook for the destruction they caused. For more information contact: Moratorium Now Coalition – Email: – Phone 313-680-5508
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 from 11:30am-12:30pm
Join Jerome in taking his case to the Wayne County offices. Jerome Jackson has been fighting his eviction for years while Wayne County Officials and Executive Robert Ficano have failed him, and many others in allowing homes to go into foreclosure. Everyone, including Wayne County, should be doing everything they can to keep people in their homes. We plan to remind them that we will not be ignored, and that Jerome Jackson has a right to a home. Keep Jerome - In His Home! Whats the Solution? Wayne County and CLS need to honor their agreement with Jerome and need to work with Fannie Mae to keep him in his home. CLS and Wayne county have the responsibility and ability to address this issue, but won't act. What are we gonna do about it? Background Jerome Jackson purchased his home in Inkster in 2004, as part of a nationwide Fannie Mae program targeting people with disabilities with predatory loans. Wayne County and Community Living Services convinced Jerome Jackson and many other people with disabilities, including Jerome’s friend and neighbor, Donald Moore, to buy a home on the promise that the government would provide ongoing housing assistance so that they could afford the monthly mortgage payments. Jerome Jackson did his part; he paid his portion of the mortgage each month. He made improvements to the home to make it accessible and invested in it because it was his own. He has lived there for 10 years now but without notice Fannie Mae, Wayne County and CLS, have pulled the plug on the program. They stopped making their payments, and have broken their agreement with Jerome. They've stopped all housing assistance payments and are moving to evict Jerome Jackson from his home. CLS, Wayne County and especially Robert Ficano have once again failed the people of Detroit. In our view they have only one option, keep Jerome, in his home. We Demand no more foreclosures, no more evictions and good housing for all Call Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano (313) 224-0286 500 Griswold, 31st Floor Detroit, MI 48226 Tell him to honor Wayne County's agreement with Jerome and to work with Fannie Mae to keep Jerome in his home. Call Community Living Services (734) 467-7600 Towne Square Plaza 35425 Michigan Ave.W. Wayne, Mi 48184-1687 Tell Community Living Services to actually serve the community by keeping Jerome in his home. Copyright © 2014 Detroit Eviction Defense, All rights reserved.
Friday, January 31, 2014 from noon-1pm
Demand Veolia rehire the fired drivers now—B of A stop profiting from union-busting! Say NO to Union-buster Veolia On October 8, 2013, Veolia Transportation suspended five Boston school bus drivers after they engaged in legally protected union activity. In November four of them were fired. Veolia currently holds the contract for the privatized school transportation system in Boston. Veolia is a giant French company with a global reach. Veolia oppresses and exploits, busts unions, and harms the environment all over the world. Unions in California, Florida, Arizona, England, Sweden, Finland and France have all had disputes with Veolia and currently Veolia Super Shuttle workers at the Baltimore-Washington airport are protesting sub-minimum wage and deplorable working conditions. The company’s “environmental services” division has been blamed for the release of toxic chemicals and is involved in “fracking.” By providing transportation and waste removal services to illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine Veolia profits from Israeli apartheid. These are just a few examples. The Dutch group BankTrack has identified seven banks who are major Veolia investors: Deutsche Bank, JPMorganChase, UBS, Barclays, MorganStanley, the Belgian bank Belfius and Bank of America. Most of of these banks just happen to be the same banks who are destroying Detroit! First the banks created the racist subprime mortgage crisis, forcing mass numbers of Detroiters out of their homes. Then they bled the city dry with exorbitant interest rates. Bank of America and UBS are the culprits in the now-infamous interest rate swap swindle. Barclays wants to saddle Detroit with another high interest loan to pay of B of A and UBS. Union retirees’ pensions are threatened. From Boston to Detroit to Palestine, these criminal bankers and corporations must be challenged! The Boston School Bus Union Five have called on supporters around the country to stand with them on or around February 1.
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 from noon-1pm
DEMONSTRATE! Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and Governor Snyder negotiated a sweetheart deal with Wall Street banks that would increase Detroit’s debt by $350 million, by paying $250 million to Bank of America (a client of Orr’s law firm Jones Day) and UBS (United Bank of Switzerland). Barclays, the new lender, would then have a super-priority lien on Detroit’s assets and income tax revenue. Under this swindle, 20% of Detroit’s income tax revenues, $48 million per year for six years, will be pledged to these banks even after the bankruptcy is completed. At the same time, workers’ pensions are subject to being reduced to 16 cents on the dollar. WE SAY NO TO THIS WALL STREET RIP OFF! This scam is intended to pay off the interest rate “swaps” Wall Street banksters sold to the City. Bank of America and UBS, two of the main predatory mortgage lenders who destroyed our neighborhoods with massive home foreclosures, and whose executives have been jailed (UBS) and indicted (Bank of America) for their municipal bond crimes, already have pocketed $250 million in profits off Detroit city tax revenues on this scheme, even before this new goes into effect. While City Council unanimously voted this deal down, Snyder and Orr are once again ignoring the democratic process. They have already filed a motion to have this deal approved by Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes. Demand: Wall Street: Cancel Detroit’s debt! The Banks Owe Us! Defend Workers’ Pensions and City Services! Snyder and Orr: You have no legitimacy! We see through your lies and scams! Called by Moratorium Now! Coalition and Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management