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Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 2pm
Crofoot Ballroom
MoveOn is organizing community meetings about resisting Trump. Here is a link where you can find and sign up for events in Metro Detroit: In the meantime, here is the MoveOn email soliciting hosts for community meetings. If you're interested in being a host, email me and I'll forward the MoveOn email to you: caltman at Dear MoveOn member, Donald Trump is already moving a disastrous agenda into place that could jeopardize every bit of progress we've made together over the last 8 years. He's put forth frightening cabinet nominations. He has obvious and dangerous conflicts of interest. He has all but declared war on American democracy—with threats to take away millions of people’s healthcare, register and track every Muslim living in the U.S., implement a national stop-and-frisk policy to legally harass Black people, and deport millions of immigrants, who are not only critical to the economy, but who have families and other deep ties to this country. No one really knows what will happen after January 20, but we do know that we have to be prepared to form a strong, united line of resistance in order to protect the communities most affected by Trump's agenda, fight against policies that will benefit billionaires and bankrupt the rest of us, hold on to progressive victories—such as Obamacare—and defend our democracy. We're organizing Community Meetings to Resist Trump on Sunday, January 15—just days before the inauguration—to bring our communities together and talk about what resistance looks like for us at the local level. Will you join us? It could be in your living room, in a library or community center. We'll give you everything you need to pull together a successful meeting. We are partnering with People's Action to organize community meetings in living rooms and community centers across the country where we'll plan our next days of action and sketch a plan of how we'll keep out communities safe, defend our values, and resist the new administration—including by organizing opposition to Trump's dangerous cabinet appointments. We’ll provide everything you need for a successful meeting—a host guide, checklist, sample agenda, and more—and we'll be with you every step of the way, coaching, answering questions, and helping to recruit fellow MoveOn members to attend your event. All you need to sign up to host now is a venue (could be your living room!) and a desire to create change.