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715 E. Milwaukee


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Thursday, April 9, 2015 from 7-8:30pm
We've got less than two months to organize for the Saturday May 23, 2015 March Against Monsanto. Last year Fuzzytek tried out the Infest the Festival idea - the biggest problem was TIMING - the gates of Movement Festival don't open until noon. THEREFORE, if we move forward with that theme and holding street performance to those standing in line waiting to get in --- we'll want to start in the afternoon. That moves our event into the generally accepted time of 1pm in each locale - but that also means we'll be holding the event at the same time as Ann Arbor. Past events there have been a few people come in from AA to Detroit and got both events into one day. If you have questions call Fuzzytek at 313-757-2619. My cell phone bill is coming up though, hopefully I can put $25 together by the date of the event to keep the phone on. If you are seeking cellular service contact me. One idea to hold discussion on is film showings while we hold build nights. This could be a way to raise some cash, although the venue is going to cost a little for equipment and personnel. There are additional topics to bring into discussion such as Earth Day Detroit and how can we connect the March into those various events happening around the city. WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER. Please bring a friend when you come, or check the event timeline for those that might be seeking ride assistance. FUNDRAISING You can visit this page to offer financial support: http://rally.org/mamdetroit http://www.facebook.com/events/1565062867110039/
Thursday, June 26, 2014 at midnight through Friday, June 27, 2014 at midnight
midnight through Friday, June 27 at midnight
Dare to break the borders of time and imagination... Dare to think outside the box... Dare to break old traditions and invent new ideas! Let's break borders together! Take the old traditions of the early 1800's from all over the world, and introduce a new idea to them! Steampunk, Victorian, Middle Eastern, Tribal, Celtic, and more. We are looking for eclectic! Artists are encouraged to include musical revolution and industrial history as reference and inspiration. Art is to be displayed at a multi media event featuring live music by Tartanic, and Dixon's Violin! Tartanic took the traditional bagpipes and added tribal drums, creating a new sound! Dixon took classical violin, and added electricity for a new genre of music. This is the thought process we are looking for. We are also asking for creative fashions to include in our revolutionary fashion show! NOTE!!! The date of THIS event page is the deadline to submit! The actual date of the event is July 26th, 2014! Attendance is not required for submission. E-mail all submissions to re_volution_art@yahoo.com Submission Email Must Include: • Artist’s Legal Name, • Professional Name, if different. • Street Address, • City, State, Postal Code. • Country (if non-U.S.) • Telephone contact number. For each piece of artwork submitted, please include the following: • Title(s). • Medium. • Physical dimensions of piece(s). • Approximate price range. Please attach 1 low res photo of each piece of photographic/2d art. You may submit up to 4 photos of any sculpture or 3d art! There is no limit to how many pieces you may submit, and there is no fee to submit. Once the art is selected there will be a $10 Registration fee per artist. Event takes a 20% commission of sold art. Proceeds will go to Burners without Borders Detroit! www.burnerswithoutborders.org Please share! All are welcome to submit! Deadline to submit is 6/26/14! Looking forward to seeing YOUR art! http://www.facebook.com/events/325366110934908/
Friday, June 20, 2014 from 11am-12:30pm
Free to members - $5 suggested donation for non-members Not a member? Join at the door and you get in for free! Join Preservation Detroit as we welcome Marsha Music for the first in a series of lectures from long time Detroiters telling stories about the neighborhoods they came of age in. "Where We Used to Live" seeks to highlight the under-told first hand accounts of life in the city before it became the "Detroit" of today's headlines. The Detroit narrative is so often told by those from the outside through statistics and one dimensional demographic data, storytelling allows for the emersion of the human component of the narrative. Each "Where We Used to Live" lecture will highlight life in a different neighborhood as told from the perspective of a person with roots and connection to that place, someone that can draw you in and make you feel what it was like to be in a particular place at a particular point in time. About Marsha: Marsha Music grew up in Highland Park, MI, the daughter of a legendary pre-Motown record producer, Joe Von Battle. Marsha is a self-described "primordial" Detroiter, and writes about the city’s music and its past and future - with a special emphasis on Black Bottom, Hastings Street and mid-century African-American Detroit life. She is a noted presenter and has contributed to important anthologies, narratives and an HBO documentary on Detroit. She is a Kresge Literary Arts Fellow, and has received accolades for her One Woman Show, Live On Hastings Street! that debuted to a capacity crowd at MOCAD for the 2012 ArtX Detroit Festival. She has worked in the courts for 24 years and resides in Lafayette Park, where she writes a blog called Marsha Music - A Grown Woman’s Tales of Detroit (http://www.MarshaMusic.wordpress.com/). Our Third Friday Lecture Series is made possible by the generous donations of our members, to share the tales of Detroit’s historic buildings, neighborhoods, and architects and build support for historic preservation’s importance in revitalizing our neighborhoods.
Saturday, March 22, 2014 from 7-11:30pm
1st Michigan Burner Symposium & Soiree Burner culture encourages anyone and everyone who has the drive and desire to become an artist, community builder, or event creator. Participation is key. Inspiration comes from experiencing projects and events, talking with the people that created them, and eventually becoming involved ourselves. The Symposium (8:00pm-10:30pm): The 1st Michigan Burner Symposium will include a series of invited speakers from our community who have created large scale art, effigies, theme camps, projects or events for a series of tantalizing 10-15 minutes talks. This year’s presenters include: * Rolando Garcia – Detroit – Building community around the Catawampus bus. * Lavender & Crew – Ann Arbor -- Lakes of Fire effigy 2013: The Tree of Life. * Bacon – Detroit – Evolving into a flame effect artist. * Miko – Ann Arbor/Detroit -- The Syncytium Maze. * Mario – Detroit -- How Juke Box Island went from a hazy pipe dream to an actual living nightmare. * Brick – Detroit – Creating immersive what the f*ck experiences through the Quixotic Project. * Amanda and Therese – Ann Arbor – Guiding the Syncytium! camp and community. * Angela Palaian – Detroit – Cirque du Womp - Cultivating relationships to mobilize movements. * Doyle S. Huge–Detroit – The Gon Kirin Dragon Art Car Come get inspired, get involved, and connect to others creating projects and events locally and out in the desert. __________________________________________________________________ The Soiree (10:30pm-2am): After the talks are finished, the Soiree will begin and last through the night. MUSIC : Neural Patterns (Lizzard Griffin) & Grant K@Dog Jackson Meet the presenters, ask for advice on your project/event ideas, connect with active projects, share your ideas, find people who want to collaborate, or just dance! The Soiree culminates with an effigy burn. __________________________________________________________________ Doors: 7:00pm Talks Begin: 8:00pm Soiree: 10:30pm $10 __________________________________________________________________ Hosted by SPARC -- Society for Promoting Arts and Recreation in the Community: a community not-for-profit dedicated to promoting local Burner culture. Want more information on a specific talk? Interested in being a presenter next year? Wanting to help out with this or other SPARC events? Contact Thaddeus "Brick" McKracken at detroit.fire@gmail.com n http://www.facebook.com/events/197674150437984/
Thursday, February 13, 2014 from 6:30-9pm
Event starts at 7pm