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Wednesday, March 19, 2014 from 7-10pm
Don't miss this high energy, interactive, graphics-based picture-lecture, presented March 19th, 7 pm in The Wesley Foundation. Free admission- all are welcome! If you or someone you know is differently-abled, please message the Kalamazoo PeaceCenter about accessibility Over eight years in the making, the Mesoamerica Resiste! graphic is a collaboratively-made, highly-detailed, allegorical illustration brought to life by the Bees themselves: volunteer activists, storytellers, and educators who use hand-drawn cartoons and stories from grassroots communities to explore the connections between our local, everyday stories and the bigger picture of our historical moment. Project Mesoamerica (formerly “Plan Puebla Panama”), a development project of unprecedented scale, aims to colonize and transform the land from Mexico to Colombia in the interest of building infrastructure to facilitate resource extraction and create more “efficient” global trade routes... just as early European monarchies set out to do more than 500 years ago. Plan Mesoamerica would cause devastating habitat loss for migratory species whose ranges span from the Arctic to the Antarctic, displace Indigenous Peoples from their lands, and accelerate urbanization, poverty, and cultural homogenization. But there is good news too - we highlight the countless stories of inspiring, courageous and creative resistance throughout the region! Told in plainspoken and accessible language, the Bees' engaging narrative combines clearheaded analysis with the heartfelt imperative to organize, support, and engage these often overwhelming issues... together! With huge "portable murals" and a slideshow that zooms in on all the dizzying details, the Bees' mission is to "cross-pollinate the grassroots," drawing audiences together around common experiences and hopeful possibilities for collective action