Lower River Rouge Recreation Trail, Lower, Canton, MI 48188, USA



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Thursday, June 22, 2017 from 7-9pm
Bike the Lower Rouge River Trail with board member Alan Vankerckhove and learn about bicycling opportunities in the Western suburbs of Wayne County within the Rouge Watershed and the Geology of the Glacial Lake Plain of SE Michigan. Route is mostly flat.
Thursday, June 22, 2017 from 6:30-8:30pm
Bike the Lower Rouge River Trail with board member Alan Vankerckhove and learn about bicycling opportunities in the Western suburbs of Wayne County within the Rouge Watershed and the Geology of the Glacial Lake Plain of SE Michigan. Route is mostly flat. Meet at 6:30 pm and leave at 7 pm. This year's Bicycle Ride will be along Canton's "Lower Rouge Trail" & "ITC Trail"(with "Hawk Lights"). A portion of the ride will be along the proposed "Lower Rouge Water Trail". Unlike last year's ride, we will be biking totally within SE Michigan's Glacial Lake Plain---on the Flat. The only gentle inclines involve traveling in & out of the Lower Rouge Floodplain. On Thursday, June 22nd, we will meet at the same time as last year--6:30 to 7:00pm; at the Morton Taylor Rd Trail-head parking lot. Morton Taylor is a mile+ west of I-275. Turn unto Morton Taylor going North from Michigan Ave; the parking lot entrance is a left turn, 1/3rd of a mile up Morton Taylor. I will arrive between 6 & 6:30pm to set up for a short presentation & sign-in. The ride will not start before 7pm(sunset is 9:15pm). The trip will be a 10.25 mile semi-looped route. The pace will be a leisurely, average speed of 8.5 MPH and will be 1 hr 15mins to 1 hr 30mins long(including a couple of stops). Both the Lower Rouge & ITC Trails are surfaced with packed, crushed limestone. I ride on 1 1/2" tires that are rated at 100psi & have no problems riding the trails. We will be riding on sidewalk along Sheldon, Cherry Hill and Canton Center Rds in order to make most of the route looped. The sidewalk along Canton Center is part of an important, continuous Western Wayne Co. sidewalk/multi-use pathway, connecting the Lower Rouge Trail(660' Elev.) with Maybury State Park(970')(and focal points in between). Highlights of the ride: A ride in the "Lower Rouge Flood Plain", 9 River crossings--8 done right with a high trail arch over the "River Floodway", connections to multi-use loops and walking & mountain bike trails, the I-275 Trail(route to the 3 Great Lakes that surround Lower Michigan)--location of a future LRT extension to Hannan Rd, Flodin Park & the Fellows Cr Wetland Tr., Griffin Park & the future ITC Trail extension to Cherry Hill Village trails, Heritage Park & Pond Loop and, large wood carvings & a field/wetland loop. After the ride, we will meet at the new "World of Beer" Pub/Restaurant located at 42820 Ford Rd(NS), West of Lilley Rd. EXTRA: The ride will be in a very flat portion of the SE Michigan Glacial Lake Plain. The Lower Rouge flood plain varies only 20' though-out the length of the trail(650' to 670'). The ride will cross the "Glacial Great Lake Stage Warren"(~12,500BP) shore line(675') around Lilley. Lake Warren does not usually have a shoreline ridge as pronounced as Lake Whittlesey(738')(12,900BP). In the ride area, the shore of Lake Warren consist of a very wide, non-distinct "Wave Flat". The Glacial Lake Plain isn't always a flat plain. Technically, it is the area with layers of Glacial Lake Stage deposits at or near the surface. The Maumee I shoreline(800')(14,000 to 13,700BP) is considered the upper limit of the SE Michigan Lake Plain. Maumee Stages I, II & III are shorelines(ridges) where "wave action" have sculpted into the side of the Inner Defiance Moraine; Lake Whittlesey did not usually lay a strata of deposits over the underlying Defiance Moraine. The Maumee wave terrace landscape(between Maumee I & Whittlesey) is rolling to hilly where stream valleys are cut deeper, yet it is still considered glacial lake plain. As we have witnessed during past bicycle rides, the Lake Whittlesey shoreline ridge is the closest boundary that nature gives us--between flat & hilly biking in SE Mich. The headwaters of the Lower Rouge River will be mentioned before the ride, even though we will not be biking near the Intersection of Ridge & Proctor Rd. This is where the Lower Rouge almost instantaneously forms as one of the four major branches of the Rouge River Watershed. Eight(8) head-water creek-sheds first formed 13,800 to 13,600BP when the melting Huron-Erie Continental Ice Lobes were replaced by the Inner Defiance Moraine & the Lake Maumee Stages. These streams were blocked along present day Ridge Rd, from their original water-courses, by Lake Whittlesey(12,900BP) wave action & ridge building 900 to 700 yrs later. 8 gathered stream flow velocity's, had enough energy to keep a gap in the Whittlesey ridge open to instantaneously form the Lower Rouge River at Ridge & Proctor Rd. Fowler Cr., a major tributary of the Lower Rouge headwaters area(Kosch-Headwaters Preserve), had to change course and fight it's way through Maumee III (Vreeland between Harris & Gotfredson) & Whittlesey ridge building. Where Fowler Cr & the Lower Rouge River come together just NE of the Beck & Geddes intersection, the outfall of the YCUA tertiary waste water treatment plant also enters the River. The River, the Creek & the average 23MGD flow from the YCUA outfall add up to a total base flow that is viable for canoeing. Private property issues and the lack of River Trail facilities make the Morton Taylor Trail-head a viable upstream limit of the Lower Rouge River Water Trail. At present because of log jam issues, the Lower Rouge River portion of the Rouge River Water Trail centers around Commerce Ct. & Goudy Park in Wayne & Ford Field in Dearborn