Atwater Brewery


237 Jos Campau


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Sunday, July 16, 2017 from 4-7pm
Atwater Brewery
Hosted By : MDPAN and Detroit water Brigade: ******WE WILL GATHER AT ATWATER BREWERY about 3:30- 4 the march will start at 3 walking from Atwater up the Riverwalk Rally around the REN CENTER SPLASH FOUNTAIN********* This March will bring awareness to the following issues Detroit Water Shut offs, Infrastructure Issues, and to make water affordable at a price all can pay around the region. We oppse the Great Lakes Water Authority and Demand justice for FLINT! Water is a human right, not a corporate right. Michigan holds 20% percent of the worlds fresh water, yet people in Detroit are without. 19,000 shutoffs this month alone. Over 89,000 homes in the last 3 years. People are being bullied out of their homes because water bills are being tacked on to property taxes. Basic human rights are being denied and it is criminal. The media is ignoring this. Its time WE fight back against the injustice that is happening to the families in Detroit! Dress in bathrobes, and towels. WE are taking the streets in Detroit! TURN THE WATER ON OR WE will be establishing places for people to wash themselves up and drawing much needed attention to this massive human rights violation. Please watch this. This tells our story. #WaterIsAHumanRight Cohost : Real Voices Detroit Detroit Light Brigade