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Friday, May 12, 2017 from 7am-3pm
Brothers and Sisters, Our brothers and sisters of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 2 need our support on the picket line tomorrow! They are picketing the Center parking garage next to the Renaissance Center here in Detroit again tomorrow and the action is working. Security came out and said they are making business tough for the parking garage and a major event is coming on Friday! Let's show them that we will not back down to name calling and threats from security! Come on out and stand on the line with our brothers and sisters! They are still offering transportation to and from the picket line for everyone. Please arrive to the Michigan Building Trades Building, 1640 Porter St., Detroit, MI, at 7am and there will be a bus to take you to and from the picket line. They will be out there all day tomorrow trying to make an impact. Come on out when you have time and support our brothers and sisters at BAC 2. Remember, an Attack on one of us is an Attack on ALL of us!
Tuesday, June 9, 2015 from 8-10am
Detroit’s recent “grand bargain” rescue from bankruptcy came at a very steep price: It gave up its authority to decide its own fate. In place of the leaders elected by, and accountable to, city residents, the city is now overseen by an appointed 9-member majority corporate board accountable only to Governor Snyder. They used the bankruptcy to usher in a corporate takeover! There’s another corporate takeover waiting in the wings, to be voted on by the U.S. Congress in the next few weeks. This time it won’t be just Detroit. If the Congress votes to approve “fast track authority,” and then something called the “Trans Pacific Partnership” – it will be authorizing a corporate coup d’etat over the 12 “Pacific Rim” nations that comprise the “partnership” (accounting for 40% of the world’s economy). Like Detroit, elected governments and legislated laws will be trumped by corporate tribunals (secret, in this case) in defense of corporate profit. The “law of the land” will be replaced by the rules of the corporations. General Motors is one of many transnational corporations in the “Business Coalition for TPP” that’s behind Pres. Obama and his Republican allies in Congress in their push for “fast track authority” and the TPP. GM is not worried about TPP’s alleged “labor protections.” It knows that the “protections” that Obama included in his “free trade” deal with Colombia (CFTA) provided no protections at all. Colombia remains one of the most dangerous countries in the world for union organizers, where worker activists are routinely murdered. 30 million people live in poverty, and 5 million are internally displaced. Colombia is where GM fires injured workers from its assembly plant with impunity, and denies them workers’ compensation to provide for their families – all with US Embassy support! (It’s been 4 years and GM continues to violate Colombian law). As details have come to light about the TPP’s threat to workers, farmers, consumers, internet users, healthcare, food safety, the environment and democracy itself, people have taken to the streets - in Australia, Mexico, Japan and elsewhere. They are demanding that their governments say NO! No to the corporate takeover that is masquerading as a “free trade” deal! No to the Trans Pacific Partnership - TPP!! When GM stockholders have their annual meeting on Tuesday, June 09, 2015, we will be there as part of a global movement to let GM know: TPP = “NAFTA on steroids!” WE SAY, NO WAY! The world is watching. Please join us! DEMONSTRATE TUES - JUNE 9 - 8-10 AM GM HEADQUARTERS REN CEN, DOWNTOWN DETROIT Call 888-804-8311 tell your representative to VOTE “NO!’ ON FAST TRACK! Sponsored by ASOTRECOL Solidarity Network
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 from 10:30-11:30am
3rd Anniversary of the Fukushima Meltdowns Main entrance of the Renaissance Center in Detroit at 10:45 a.m As the radiation continues to contaminate the Northern Hemisphere with no end in sight, we will also use this event to draw attention to our own dangerous nuclear power plants all of which have had many “close calls” and constant “minor” radiation leaks. We will deliver a letter with our demands to the Japanese Consulate in Detroit at 11am. Please join us! We will meet at the main (riverside) entrance of the Renaissance Center in Detroit at 10:45 a.m.. We will hold a brief press conference and then deliver the letter to the Consulate located within.