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Wednesday, June 28, 2017 from 10am-noon
It’s time to stop Trumpcare and we have a plan. We expect a Senate vote on Thursday. Take action with us this Wednesday. Ann Arbor Indivisible is following the guidance of Indivisible National and visiting our Senator’s office before the vote on the disastrous and cruel Republican healthcare bill known as Trumpcare. This is event is co-sponsored by Michigan United and Michigan For Revolution. Wednesday morning June 28th Debbie Stabenow’s Southeast Michigan Office (meet in Ann Arbor 8:30 AM or meet in Detroit 10 am) Goals * Thank Sen. Stabenow for her plan to vote against Trumpcare * Tell her to stand up for us & we’ll stand by her—she’s up for election next year * Tell her to slow down the bill’s process: withhold consent on all Senate business & submit multiple amendments What You Can Do *Join us! If you’re near Ann Arbor, meet in Westgate’s Rite Aid parking lot at 8:30 AM *Or meet us in Detroit at the NW corner of Griswold and W. Fort St. at 10:00 AM *Bury Trumpcare under amendments. Submit yours via Indivisible (see comments for link); ask 5 friends to do it too. *Bring signs; take video at the event and share widely. What to expect guidelines *This is a peaceful non-violent resistance event. * Our goal is to encourage Stabenow to stand strong and fight back forcefully. * Ann Arbor Indivisible’s media contacts and speakers will ask to meet with the senator’s staff. * All other attendees will gather on public property to demonstrate our resolve. * Ideas for your signs: o Slow the vote on Trumpcare #NoAHCA o Sen. Stabenow submit amendments #NoAHCA o Stand up for us and we’ll stand by you #NoAHCA o No tax cut for billionaires #NoAHCA Nearby Parking Garages (average rate $5/hour) • Kennedy Square 777 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226 • Griswold-Larned 525 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226 • Fort Washington 645 Washington Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226