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Monday, July 24, 2017 from 5:30-7pm
"A conservative group recently formed to support the policies of President Donald Trump is planning events throughout the state this summer to drum up support for the current administration." Are we ready to fight back? MDPAN is planning a small counter protest in response. We need to ensure that Duggan's and other local businesses understand the cost of openly endorsing fascism. We will assemble on Woodward with signs. The Fascists are organizing a statewide effort to prop up the intolerable and illegitimate 45. We need to let local businesses and the people know that openly endorsing bigotry and austerity comes at a cost. Refuse to tolerate fascism in any form. Protect our neighbors and loved ones from unconstitutional abuse. The bourgeois are bleeding us dry, but we will not be silent! Onward to democracy! This isn't about harassing people who voted differently. Bring your heart, bring your signs, and bring your issues. We are not defined by what we oppose, but by our positive vision for the future. Healthcare, immigration, criminal justice reform, ongoing voter suppression, redistricting, bloated military spending, the militarization of the police, and the abhorrent misdistribution of wealth are all on the table. The future of humanity is at stake. You can check out the fascists' site here: http://www.michigantrumprepublicans.com/ Please message us or comment here for more information.