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Friday, September 1, 2017 from 11am-1pm
On September 1st from 11am-1pm, EMUFT is holding a move-in day informational picket! We will meet up next to the pond outside the Student Center, and then we will march to the dorms. Wear Red! What are we telling our students about the value of an education when we can't even invest in the people who teach them? EMU continues to propose cuts to pay and job security for lecturers. Over 600 EMUFT members teach nearly 50% of the credit hours taught at EMU, but receive only 10% the pay allocation. EMU's proposed pay for new lecturers would result in less than $25,000/yr for full time teaching loads. EMUFT lecturers want fair wages, job security, and real benefits. EMU's proposal would: •Make it harder for EMU to recruit qualified, quality teachers •Place EMU among the lowest paying universities in Michigan •Place EMU lecturers among the lowest paid higher ed instructional staff in Michigan •Degrade the quality of education provided to our students EMUFT lecturers are responsible for a huge amount of teaching, learning, and engagement, as well as administering programs and taking on responsibilities across campus. We mentor students, facilitate independent studies, participate in our departments in all sorts of ways. We have Master’s degrees, Ph.D.s, professional certifications and experience, and more. We publish, do research, and win awards. But when EMU treats PTLs as supplemental instead of integral to the quality of education and experience for our students, EMU is not respecting us as the professionals that we are. EMUFT remains steadfast in our commitment to bargain for a fair contract, with job security and equitable compensation for our members because our workplace is our students' learning space. Our strength is in our membership. Please show up in support of a fair contract. You can reach out to our staff organizer Tim Allen, emuftorganizer@gmail.com or (313) 633-4487 or Daric Thorne emuftpresident@gmail.com with questions, or for ways that you can help the team! https://www.facebook.com/events/1625428074188195/