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304 S State St
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Ben & Jerry's--the "Peace and Love" business--is manufacturing its ice cream in Israel and selling it in illegal Jewish only settlements in the occupied West Bank. We call on Ben & Jerry's to end its economic complicity with Israeli apartheid. This on-site event is dedicated to ending Ben & Jerry's commercial complicity with Israel's military occupation and illegal, Jewish-only settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014 from noon-10pm
Ben & Jerry's
This ice cream cone will be free on April, 8th, 2014. Palestine will not. That's why the Global Climate Convergence Michigan will be leafleting at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops in Ann Arbor on the company’s “Free Cone Day,” April, 8th, 2014. Ben & Jerry’s is a company that understands the meaning of “socially responsible” better than most. The company funds a host of progressive causes and is still standing strong with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Yet its franchise in Israel is selling ice cream in Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The settlements are illegal under international law. More than 500,000 Jews reside in them, and every day Israeli bulldozers and soldiers destroy more Palestinian homes and steal more land to create new settlements or expand existing ones. Ben & Jerry’s can help end the occupation, now in its 47th year, by refusing to do business with these settlements. Activists with the Global Climate Convergence will be leafleting at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops on April 8th, 2014 “Free Cone Day,” to raise awareness about Ben & Jerry’s complicity in Israel’s occupation, and to appeal to the company to honor its Social Mission by ending its commerce in illegal Israeli settlements in Occupied Palestine. You can learn more about this international campaign at #UMDivest