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Tuesday, November 7, 2017 from 7-9pm
[Location for this talk/discussion coming soon, but it will be in Ypsi or A2] The election of Donald Trump as president has ushered in an alarming rise in Far Right and fascist mobilizing across the United States, and sadly, this political climate has spread north of the border as well. Despite the global image of Canada being a tolerant, progressive country, Far Right groups are seizing on the momentum created by Trump to spread xenophobic, Islamophobic, and sexist ideas. And while the world goes ga-ga over Justin Trudeau and his impeccable hair, much of this hatred is facilitated by the Canadian political elites and media personalities. In this presentation, we will hear from an anarchist organizer with Montréal Antifasciste and Solidarity Across Borders who will discuss the mobilizations and organizing over the last year in Canada since Trump took office as well as the particular and unique political climate in the province of Quebec. Some of the main points addressed in the presentation will be: -Organizing in solidarity with the Muslim community against racist attacks -Building stronger media infrastructures within our movements to counter outlets like Breitbart -Montreal standing in solidarity with antifascists in Charlottesville The presentation will follow with a discussion on what antifascist and antiracist organizers on both sides of the colonial border can learn from each other. (Image by ZOLA street art, based on a demonstration in Montreal)