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The Ecology Center works for a just and healthy environment through grassroots organizing, advocacy, education, and demonstration projects. Today, our major programs are: Climate and Energy, research and advocacy for energy efficiency and cleaner fuels, especially in transportation and power generation. Environmental Education, a program reaching 10,000 K-12 students and teachers in southeast Michigan every year. Environmental Health Project, working to protect our health from toxic chemicals in food, air, water, and household products., researching consumer product chemical hazards to promote chemical policy reform. Land Use, preserving farmland and natural areas, concentrate development where infrastructure exists, and reduce traffic congestion. Recycle Ann Arbor, a wholly-owned nonprofit subsidiary of the Ecology Center offering a variety of recycling and reuse services for households, businesses, and municipalities.

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Past Events

Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 9am through Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 4pm
9am through Sunday, April 13 at 4pm
People who attend will walk away with all the tools they need — including a robust support structure of coaches and media support — to coordinate protests with our Pledge of Resistance network. They’ll then go out and train thousands of others prepared to risk arrest to stop Keystone XL. For more info about the Keystone XL pipeline go to: Already 100 direct actions are planned across the country, forming a wave of civil disobedience actions to make clear to President Obama that the American people do not want this tar sands pipeline and will do whatever it takes to stop it. We are standing on a climate precipice with the looming decision on the Keystone XL that’s edging toward the President’s desk. What we know for sure is that whether or not we are victorious in stopping the approval of the northern leg of this pipeline—the missing link for big oil to expand Alberta oil sands extraction—this is the right fight. And with nearly 100,000 people committed to risk arrest if necessary in cities and towns across the country, the climate movement is spreading it’s wings.