Detroit Rescue Mission


13130 Woodward
Highland Park


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Past Events

Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 11am-3pm
The next meeting of the State Anti-EM Network will be Saturday, May 3, from 11 am - 3 pm, in Highland Park at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, 13130 Woodward Ave. The proposed agenda includes: Update on the Proposed Grand Jury/People's Tribunals indicting Emergency Managers and their political henchmen for Crimes Against the People and Other Updates from the small group meetings at the Flint Meeting, March 22 on Communications/Outreach and Elections Short Updates from Cities and School Districts Under Emergency Management Short Update on the Attack on our Right to Water, including the Highland Park Water System and the Detroit Water System Short Update on May 24 in Benton Harbor Plans for Next Meeting PROPOSED ACTION ON THAT DAY In discussions with Linda Wheeler of Citizens for Highland Park Public Schools we are proposing an informational action at the end of the meeting. It should start at 2 pm so that all of our outstate friends can participate. We will car caravan with a sound truck through Highland Park with some of us going door to door to bring information to the citizens of Highland Park on the Emergency Management and water crises. Highland Park Human Rights Coalition // On Facebook at Highland Park HRC Citizens for Highland Park Schools Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management // Democracy Defense League (Flint) // On Facebook as Emergency Manager Action Coordinating Committee