Hillsdale Courthouse


29 N Howell Street


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Saturday, August 17, 2013 from 3-8pm
The Hillsdale PEACE & MUSIC FESTIVAL -- the criminal injustice system -- is Saturday, August 17 from 3:00 PM until 8:00 PM at the Hillsdale Courthouse. The after party is at Volume I Books (two blocks away) and includes karaoke and jamming. Politics includes alternative products, parties, candidates and ideas (cannabis, the public "defender", plea "bargains", underground press) Folks from as far away as Benton Harbor. We will give each political setup a few minutes on the speaker's platform! (We are very lenient as to "alternative", so if you want to be there, come). Music includes local musicians and special guests from western Michigan, Chicago, maybe Detroit. Blues, rock, garage! Handmade products from scarves to jams and jellies, maybe produce. Come and enjoy an afternoon &/or evening. Listen to music, talk politics, buy homemade jam. Have a good, good time. Meet people from around the state! Come and setup a table to sell your products or ideas. We need all the (different) ideas we can get. Come with your band or instrument. Let me know by return email AND BE SURE TO COPY VOLUME ONE BOOKS if you want to reserve space. We have plenty of room but, these are strange times and it will be easier for us the more we know ahead of time. Also, we will set up the final flyers and advertising at our meeting Monday, August 5 so we would like to know as much as possible then. Richard Wunsch, (517)740-9927 Chair of: Supporters of the Hillsdale Peace and Music Festival.