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Tuesday, March 20, 2018 from 6-8pm
A community event at Salina Intermediate School to learn more about the second proposal in 6 weeks to expand a natural gas in Dearborn, MI and the health impacts of pollution on the SE Michigan area. We'll also hear from environmental advocates for clean energy to understand the big picture of natural gas expansion. This meeting is to inform the community in advance of the MDEQ Public Hearing on the DTE Natural Gas expansion. More information about the background is below. 6pm Welcome - Karima Alwishah, Southend Resident and Clean Air Council 6:15pm What is the DTE CEP Permit? - Nick Leonard,Great Lakes Environmental Law Health impacts of outdoor air pollution - Farah Erzouki, ACCESS and Amy Schulz, UM SPH What is the deal on Natural Gas in Michigan? - Andrew Sarpolis [Sierra Club] 7:30pm Townhall - Lead by Theresa Landrum [48217] Refreshments and Arabic translation provided. Thank you to UCS for donating to translate and interpret at the event. Thanks to all the amazing people who are helping contribute: Karima Alwishah, Theresa Landrum, ACCESS, CAPHE, WSU, DWEJ, Ecology Center, EcoWorks, GLELC, SDEV, Sierra Club, UCS, WSU TELC and more! : Hope to see you there! : Michelle Martinez : Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition : cell: 313-443-1046 : email: ___ BACKGROUND____ We are looking at this event as an opportunity to present to you some of the facts about the proposal for a Natural Gas facility in South Dearborn by DTE Energy [location]. We'll have legal and public health experts, as well as community representatives and clean energy advocates to give you the big picture on the impacts of the proposal and natural gas writ large. We'll also have a period for question and answer, at the end, led by community leader and 20 year veteran of the fight for clean air, Theresa Landrum of 48217. About 6 weeks ago Consumer's Energy rescinded a proposal for a natural gas facility next to Salina Elementary when over 300 came out to say no to additional pollution. As many of you know, South Dearborn and SW Detroit are overburdened with air pollution from multiple industries-- and it has staggering health impacts to the health of unborn children, to the health of one's beating heart. And now, DTE Energy has proposed yet another facility. And although they will tell you this is a state of the art facility, we want ensure DTE and MDEQ to know that we are interested in getting only the best standard of living in the community. The OFFICIAL MDEQ Public Hearing for this facility will take place March 27 at Edsel Ford Highschool—MDEQ will hold their own informational session at 5:30pm and take public comment at 7pm. At that hearing, we must ask: is it 100% necessary to impact another generation with the risks of asthma, stroke, heart disease and cancer from pollution? Are they looking at 100% of all the pollutants coming from those smokestacks and calculating them appropriately? Are the companies doing 100% due diligence to identify best technology for pollution control? Are they 100% sure that this is the only way to meet our energy needs for Michigan? This facility will be half mile from Edsel Ford Highschool and 1 mile from Snow Elementary. This is a facility just a stones throw from Beaumont Hospital were nurses and doctors will treat the very conditions exacerbated by the pollution surrounding it. This issue of air pollution transcend political parties—this is not a democrat or republican issue because we cannot choose whether or not to breathe-- we can only impact the decisions made around who is able to pollute, how much, and where. To that end, we are asking decision makers to stand with us any say, only the best, and only if 100% necessary. -- Third Horizon Consulting Lightning flashes are the shivers of one who desires or dreams of a totality that is impossible or yet to come; duration urges on those who attempt to live this totality, when dawn shows through the linked histories of people-- Glissant It is necessary to counter a logic of economics, which has inherited the instrumental reasoning that permeates modem culture with an ethics of well-being. The fetishism of numbers must be replaced by the development of people. The state's vertical management and the exploitation of some groups by others must give way to a social will encouraging participation, autonomy and the equitable distribution of resources. M. Max Neef