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Saturday, June 30, 2018 from noon-3pm
JUST ANNOUNCED NATIONAL PROTEST JUNE 30 THE WHITE HOUSE, Chicago, Detroit... #FamiliesBelongTogether #nohumanisillegal #immigrationreform Prosecuting parents seeking asylum and detaining families at the border should be Illegal. Let's come together to demand that the Trump administration help families and people from "Latin America" by justly and effectively reforming immigration, that addresses deep core systemic issues driving the surge of refugees. Come to show your support and connect with like-minded people that desire to act in solidarity with our brothers, sisters and their children of the South. Why Detroit vs. the capital and other cities like Ann Arbor... well because Hart Plaza is a central location that neighbors Southwest Detroit “Mexicantown.” Where the Latino population has grown and small business have flourished reviving and sustaining Detroit. Over the last 20 years, Detroit's Hispanic population has grown by 70 percent, from 28,473 in 1990 to 48,679, according to the 2010 Census. *Keep in mind Detroit is within the 100 miles of an international border law (which gives them almost unlimited power, it is only separated by water, the Detroit River). Customs and Border Protection (Border Patrol) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) will most likely rear their head, so know your rights and who to contact should you be stopped, or detained. Here's further information: Here are other ways to help: Here are some personal accounts of children seized/stolen at the border: Fact sheet - How the Ryan 'compromise' bill does NOT end family separation: A Basic Federal Immigration Agencies Overview (to remind and educate the general public on what governmental departments play a role in immigration): Parking Options (aside from a potential random free spot on the side streets and free parking at Greek Town Casino, which is a little bit of a walk down the street): More details to come, if you are interested in co-hosting and organizing, please d.m. me. Otherwise all other inquiries please post them on the discussion tab of this event invite. Spread the word! Event Page -