Blackbird Asset Protection


411 Calvin
Grosse Pointe Farms


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Sunday, April 19, 2015 from 1-2:30pm
Detroit Eviction Defense and Pointes for Peace invite you to Join us Sunday April, 19 at 1pm in Grosse Pointe as we demonstrate in support of Kenny Brinkley and Sandi Combs with a March of Shame. Wear your Sunday best and gather at the CVS drug store (18585 E Warren Ave Detroit, MI 48236) at the corner of Mack and Warren. From there we will walk to the business address of Blackbird Asset Protection in Grosse Pointe at 411 Calvin, Grosse Pointe Farms. Shame on Sussex Immobilier, Shame on Blackbird Asset Management! Keep Kenny and Sandi in their family home! Urge Calif. company: Don't evict Brinkley-Combs! Please help ailing couple save home that's been in family 60 years Kenny Brinkley and Sandi Combs thought they were on their way to buying back the home they lost in a tax auction in 2010. Both are trying to recover from hard times -- Kenny is a legendary Motown saxophone player who had trouble working after he got triple-bypass heart surgery in 2002, and Sandi lost her full-time job in 2006. They applied several times for help with their property taxes, but the paperwork was not properly processed by Wayne County, and their home went up for sale. Sandi and Kenny later struck a deal with the company that bought their home in 2010: their monthly payments were supposed to go toward buying back the house. But even as the company assured Sandi that they were close to getting title to their home, they discovered that the company hadn't paid the property taxes. The house went up for auction again last year. New owner moves immediately to evict The Sussex Immobilier company snapped up the house for $19,500, and immediately notified the couple that they would be evicted, in the midst of this frigid winter. Sussex Immobilier is an out-of-state management company with offices in California and New Jersey. The company refuses to negotiate, even though both Kenny and Sandi face serious health problems. They are able to pay rent and want to buy back their home. Kenny is legally blind, making it very hard for him to navigate a new housing arrangement, and Sandi suffers from diabetes, which her doctors believe is stress-induced. We can't stand idly by Too many of our senior Detroiters are being thrown out on the street so our neighborhoods can be taken over by greedy property speculators. Make this Sunday your time to stand up!