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Friday, February 10, 2017 from 4:30-5:30pm
Encouraged by Ernest Coverson (our Senior Field Organizer in Chicago) and inspired by Margaret Huang (AIUSA Exec. Director) and many AI stalwarts in their spirited demo this week in New York City... let's put ourselves "out there" this Friday, as part of a nationwide Amnesty day of protest: Dress warmly (no snow expected, high about 30). If we have the wind for it, we'll call out: "No hate! No fear! Refugees are welcome here!" "No wall! We're all... Neighbors here!" We'll bring signs, but you are welcome to bring your own. Please, spread the word. Ken and Geraldine 313.531.7647
Wednesday, August 26, 2015 from noon-1:30pm
Message from your host, Chuck A.: Rally in support of the Iran nuclear weapons agreement. Speak up and speak out. Senator Peters needs to hear from the many of us who support diplomacy, not more war. The Administration has negotiated the best deal that it can; China, Russia, Great Britain, Germany and France support the deal; and those who oppose the deal haven't come up with an alternative, let alone a better alternative. This is the only deal on the table, and as our voice in Washington, DC, Senator Peters should come out and support it. We'll be in front of the McNamara Federal Building and will deliver a petition signed by constituents to Senator Peters' office.
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 3:30pm
We expect more that 300 people to rally in regards to complaints of which some are outlined here: TITLE 6 COMPLAINT FORM FOR COMPLAINANTS HARMED BY MICHIGAN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM DATE____________NAME__________________________________ ADDRESS ____________________________________ CITY _____________________________ STATE ________ PHONE ____________________ __ I wish the DOJ to keep my name AND info, given above, anonymous, and not reveal it without my written permission. Governor Rick Snyder created two separate and unequal school systems. Both systems receive Federal funds. One system is primarily Caucasian students. In this system, authority over schools, BOTH public and charter, BOTH high performing and low performing resides with the State School Superintendent and State Board of Education as well as locally elected boards. Locally elected boards are provided with necessary resources to perform the functions of the position they were elected to. This discourages conflicts of interest, competitive bidding. Resources like training and professional assistance benefits and taxpayers students and helps ensure trust. Elected boards suffer no retaliation for meeting or requesting help from the Federal resources. The other system is primarily Black and Latino students. In this system, authority over schools both public and charter, both high performing and low performing, resides with the Governor, his appointed administrators known as Emergency Managers which supersede locally elected boards, and state contractors who have sometimes been appointed to boards and able to vote for contracts to themselves. There is little or no competitive bidding. Locally elected boards are not provided with necessary resources to perform the duties expected by voters. This includes resources as simple as use of a multi-page copy machine and as important as notice about contracts the school district enters into. The elected board suffers from retaliation for meeting and requesting help from the Department of Justice. Under the direction of the Governor, Emergency Managers make unilateral decisions, enter into no bid contracts while voters, employees, students, tax payers and parents suffer the decisions, mismanagement of funds and resources, errors and retaliation. This includes but is not limited to: - Not filing for Federal grants for Head Start in a timely manner. - Detroit Public School Emergency Audits anomalies and misuse of funds. A $50,000 bonus to the Detroit Public School Emergency Manager for himself, to himself while the district suffers a deficit. -Formation of the EAA which denies children poor children breakfast when children must travel great distances to school by city bus and if the bus is late, come to school to locked doors and must return home without school or food. -The Emergency Manager closing a newly renovated Southwestern High School, (construction tax payers are still paying for) while an investor agreed to pay $1,000,000 for the property, the property was not secured, and vandals ruined the building, of which the buyer withdrew. -Forcing Detroit Public School Board members to file FOIA for information about the Detroit Public Schools. -Malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance with contracts, minutes, proposals communicated by the Detroit Board of Education. -Creating a community-wide deficit of appropriate learning atmospheres for special education students. -Giving a whopping nearly half million dollar contract to the Chancellor of the EAA, to oversee the education of just 7000 of some of the poorest children in the nation. - Null and voiding actions of the elected board to request a Federal investigation of possible illegal activities by Emergency Manager. Responsible Management Officials: Governor Snyder, Darnell Early, Jack Martin, Roy Roberts and others to be determined. Others:______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____I represent a Parent _ Student _ Tax Payer _ Property Owner _ Voter _ Legislator _ Employee_ Disabled Person _ ESL _ and it is my feeling, because of the color, ethnicity and race of the majority of the students, employees and tax payers et al, like me, who utilize this system, the Governor has acted egregiously, discriminatorily, and negligently, causing harm to the community through his interference and creation of schools which now operate in a manner under his authority, which is abusive, destructive, separate, and unequal. And, I was personally harmed when/because ________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Additional Information Attached ____ I’m joining the Detroit School Board Title 6 Complaint Yes__ No __ My actual costs and/or financial losses are $_________ and My compensatory damages for pain and suffering are $300,000. Yes____ -or- No _____ Another amount $_________ Signature _________________________________________________ Parent or Representative Signature _________________________________________________ (Please return the Title 6 Complaint Forms as soon as possible to Herman Davis at, or call 313-354- 6708. We look to attract 200-300 Plaintiffs, and or supporters, Tuesday April 28, 2015, @ 3:30pm at the Federal Building 477 Mich. Ave. We need to get the Fed’s involved). Call friends and family, get them out.
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 from noon-3pm
Delegation of homeowners, tenants, and housing activists to tell HUD: “Stop Selling Our Neighborhoods to Wall Street & Evicting Families” New report shows that the federal government is aiding Wall Street financiers while further destabilizing neighborhoods What: The delegation will release the new report, Vulture Capital Hits Home: How HUD is Helping Wall Street and Hurting Our Families Where/When: The delegation will gather at Noon in front of the McNamara Federal Building, 477 Michigan Ave., and proceed at 12:15 pm to the offices of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Contact: Steve Babson, Detroit Eviction Defense, 313-605-7430 Detroit. A delegation of homeowners, tenants, and housing activists will deliver documents to HUD detailing how this federal agency— which is supposed to advance the cause of affordable housing and sustainable communities— is catering instead to Wall Street hedge funds, local housing commissions, and failed developers trying to evict hard-pressed families. * HUD’s Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is selling off thousands of distressed FHA-insured mortgages to for-profit hedge funds with no strings attached. These vulture capitalists have no commitment to modifying mortgages to keep people in their homes; their track record is one of speculative investment in foreclosed properties that become rentals. The delegation will deliver a new report by the Center for Popular Democracy, Vulture Capital Hits Home, that will be released Tuesday and delivered to HUD offices in a dozen cities. HUD has already sold nearly $9 billion worth of mortgages, 97% of them Wall Street hedge funds. FHA should stop these sales and modify mortgages to keep people in their homes, or sell the mortgages to non-profit organizations with a proven commitment to stabilizing neighborhoods. * HUD allows the Ferndale Housing Commission, which administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program for tenants in Detroit and neighboring communities, to arbitrarily terminate support for renters in good standing. These policies discriminate against Detroit neighborhoods and violate HUD guidelines, as reported in the detailed case summary which the delegation will deliver to the Detroit HUD office. * HUD has subsidized failed developers like Peter Barclae of West Bloomfield, who built Detroit homes with HUD support in a program administered by the city. Barclae now refuses to sell to the families who are occupying the Gratiot McDougall homes and paying towards their purchase— as the taxpayer-supported program calls for. Barclae is trying to evict them as tenants and sell the homes instead to a Singapore investment company. The city is reimbursing HUD for funds that were improperly distributed, but neither HUD nor the city has taken action against Barclae for his outrageous breach of contract.
Friday, May 23, 2014 from 4-6:30pm
Info: Ken and Geraldine: 313-531-7647.
Tuesday, January 7, 2014 from noon-1:30pm
From my national offices at NELP, just received a list of Organizing for America actions planned for January 7 to focus attention on the need to restore federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits for long-term jobless workers. Organizing for America is initiating actions throughout the US for reinstating Emergency Unemployment Compensation for long-term jobless workers. The local action is this coming Tuesday (Jan. 7th) , noon at the McNamara Building (477 Michigan Avenue). If at all possible, plan to come yourself and please, please let friends, family and neighbors know. Unemployment is the primary source of income for many families. Unemployment Comp in the middle of economic stress assists families and the community as a whole. We need to make our collective voices heard for all working people. Hope to see many of you this Tuesday
Monday, December 16, 2013 from noon-1:30pm
Berim means let’s go in farsi. Our mission is to help build a Iran where people can think, speak and love the way they want without fear of suppression. Our objective is to do this by taking away the smaller concerns and barriers that make it harder for organizers to do the transformational work of effecting change inside Iran. We advocate for big picture policy change outside of Iran and help provide services that change makers in Iran need. For example, many change makers in Iran have spoken out against sanctions, highlighting that sanctions have made it harder for them to be effective. That’s why we’ve been running a campaign encouraging diplomacy as a pathway to lifting sanctions. In the last week we mobilized over 50,000 people to call on President Obama to meet with President Rouhani and helped create the political climate in the United States for President Obama to reach out to Iran. Berim is a new, innovative organization that brings the best of online and offline organizing to help support heroes who are creating change inside Iran. We believe: * That the Iranian people should determine their government * The Iranian government should be held accountable when it abuses the rights of its citizens. * Any state-sponsored violence, be that economic or military, that punishes ordinary Iranians for the actions of their government is ethically and morally unacceptable. A movement of the people, should be funded by the people. That's why we don't accept funding from the United States State Department - or any government. In nonviolent resistance in the pursuit of freedom and justice. We’re making progress. News reports say that some House Democrats have abandoned Eric Cantor’s bill that was designed to torpedo negotiations with Iran. We’re not out of the woods yet though. This week John Kerry and other leading democrats flew to Washington to persuade the Senate not to increase sanctions on Iran while negotiations were in progress. Over the next few days many senators will be deciding where they stand. That’s where we come in. We need to show the Senate that that diplomacy isn’t just the right thing to do but it’s something that we, their constituents actively support. We know that when we act we can make a huge impact on foreign policy - after all we helped avert military action with Syria. There’s a petition delivery happening in your local area on Monday - will you join in? The whole event will take less than an hour and will be one of the most impactful things you can do to keep us off the path of military action with Iran. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other fantastic local residents who care deeply about diplomacy too. Yes - I’ll come to a petition delivery on Monday. We know public, visible actions like these have a huge impact on decision makers. That’s exactly what Congressman Keith Ellison, a champion on this issue, told us: “When constituents talk, members of Congress listen. Your calls, emails and meetings with representatives and their staff make a difference on any issue. Hearing directly from you is critical to Congress supporting the administration’s multilateral negotiations with Iran that will end a decades long standoff with Iran and promote peace in the Middle East.” Yours with hope - Sara Haghdoosti, on behalf of
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 from 11:30am-12:30pm
The reckless, unnecessary federal government shutdown has already had a ripple effect across the nation. Hundreds of thousands are out of a job with no knowledge of if and when their next paycheck will arrive. The effects are certainly hitting home here in Michigan. We need to stand together to demand that Republicans in Congress just take a vote! The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) will be hosting an Informational Picket TOMORROW, October 10th, outside of the McNamara Federal Building in Detroit to protest the shutdown. Click here to let us know you’ll be standing there with them. The Republicans in Congress are holding our country hostage. Enough is enough. Join federal workers as they demand that the House of Representatives take a vote to end the federal shutdown.