Washtenaw County Circuit Court


101 E Huron St
Ann Arbor


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Past Events

Thursday, May 21, 2015 from 6:45-8:30pm
This Thursday we stand in solidarity with BYP100, Black Lives Matter, and Ferguson Action Network’s call for a National Day of Action for Black Women and Girls. Despite misrepresentations that the current movement privileges Black male narratives, Black Lives Matter has committed to centralizing the lives of black women and girls, trans* and cis alike. As we demonstrate every day that we organize for our own #AuraRosser, Black Women’s Lives Matter and we will never forget. We will not ignore the fact that the state sanctions violence against Black women regardless of age, sexuality, gender, etc. In order to represent the silence and erasure of Black Women’s and Girl’s Lives, we will wear black duct tape to cover our mouths. Meanwhile, we will hold signs that #SayHerName so that we can remember the Black women and girls who have lost their lives to police brutality and state violence. Meet us outside the Washtenaw County Circuit Court at 101 E Huron St at 6:30pm to grab your sign and piece of tape. We will also supply you with materials if you come later but before 8pm. If you want to bring or make your own signs, see the info below: [Note: If for any reason you do not feel comfortable wearing duct tape or find it triggering, you can certainly opt to forgo it.] If you can't make it please: 1) Find out what more you can do: http://www.aapf.org/sayhername/ and 2) Sign the petition to fire the cop, Dante Servin, who murdered Rekia Boyd. He was recently been returned to active duty: http://www.aapf.org/sayhername/ #BlackWomenMatter #BlackGirlsMatter #SayHerName #HerDreamDeferred #BlackSpring #AuraRosser #RekiaBoyd #MyaHall #IslanNettles #AiyanaStanleyJones --------- Re Signs: 1. We will be community building and creating posters TOMORROW NIGHT. Come to the GEO Office at 339 E. Liberty Ave, Suite 340. WE HAVE SUPPLIES but you can bring your own if you desire. 2. You can bring your own signs, especially if you are coming after 6:45pm. If you bring or make your own sign, PLEASE PLEASE make sure that they correspond to the themes #JusticeForRekia #BlackWomenMatter #SayHerName #AuraRosser. In order words, signs should CENTER the lives of trans* and cis Black Women and Girls. http://www.facebook.com/events/1578479852419419/